Process Manipulation

function FORK-PROCESS : (function &optional callback output-file)
Spawn a heavyweight child process to call FUNCTION, which takes no arguments.
FUNCTION must return an integer.
CALLBACK, if provided, must be a function of one argument which is called
on the returned value within the address space of the parent process.
OUTPUT-FILE, if provided, is a file to which standard output and error are piped
while executing FUNCTION.

function RESTART-PROCESS : (&optional world-spec init-file-pathname init-form-spec)
Restart the current heavyweight process.
WORLD-SPEC, if provided, is the filename of a world to use.
INIT-FILE-PATHNAME, if provided, is a file of initializatio forms to eval.
INIT-FORM-SPEC, if provided, is a form to execute.
The values used for these when the current process was started are used if unprovided.

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