Loading a KE Test File from a Console Interactor

To process a KE Text file from a console interactor pane, call the function LOAD-KE-TEXT-FILE.
(In a Lisp implementation of Cyc, make sure you have set the package to "cyc" by evaluating (in-package "cyc") before calling LOAD-KE-TEXT-FILE).
LOAD-KE-TEXT-FILE takes four arguments:
  • The first is the user's Cyc constant name (a character string delimited by double quotes).
  • The second is the pathname of the file to be entered (another character string).
  • The third indicates where the request should be queued, either :agenda, :aux, or NIL.
  • The fourth specifies whether there will be "no user interaction". T means no user interaction; NIL indicates there will be user interaction. This argument defaults to NIL.
Unless the fourth argument is T, the user will be asked questions as the file is processed. The user is given the opportunity to preview and confirm the batch of assertions before they are queued for processing.