Hidden Assertions

If a constant has a large number of assertions involving a certain predicate, the Browser will only display some assertions. This is intended to keep each page to a manageable size, both for speed and readability.

In the left frame click on the "genls" link under the "Arg 1" section. You see a couple constants which are the closest #$genls of #$TeethCleaning. To see all the genls of cleaning click on the green cross:

: Query for all.

The browser will then display a page listing all the constants $X for which (#$genls #$TeethCleaning ?X) holds. Notice that the two local assertions involving #$genls that you saw on the previous page are also present here.

Now use the "Back" link on the browser or click on one of the "TeethCleaning" links to return to #$TeethCleaning.