Graphing When You Don't Know the Exact Constant Names

Cyc's facilities to search for constants based on their names are available in the Hierarchy Browser.

In any of the type-in fields, you can enter a partial constant name and hit "Complete" to return a list of possible completions. Try typing "Repair" in the "Starting Term" field and clicking on the adjacent "Complete" button.

A completion menu should display a list of constants whose names start with "Repair". Clicking on the name of a specific constant will display will fill in that field. [The completion window will remain until disposed of.]

Similarly, in the "Starting Term" type-in field, you can enter a partial constant name followed by "*" to return a page of possible completions. Try graphing with the following parameters:


     Microtheory: BaseKB
     Binary Predicate: genls
     Index Arg: 2

If you mis-type a constant name, the Hierarchy Browser will display an error message, 'The input "<bad name>" did not yield a valid constant.'. and redisplay the Hierarchy Browser Settings page.