Graphing with All Microtheories

Let's look at a case where the graphs are very different depending on which microtheories are considered. Set Index Argument to "1" and graph with the following parameters:


     Starting Term: ContinentOfEurope
     Microtheory: BaseKB
     Binary Predicate: geographicalSubRegions

Not much there, is there?

Most of the geographicalSubRegion assertions in the KB are in geography microtheories which have implicit assumptions about time. For example, the island of Hawaii wasn't always a subregion of the United States, so its better to state the relation in some Mt which assumes the time is roughly the present.

Return to the Hierarchy Browser and we'll try again.

We can get an overview graph which considers all the microtheories in the KB by turning on "Use all mts" under the "Microtheory:" field. Try graphing again with this setting.