XML-Based Parameter Configuration


All of the system parameters mentioned in the section on Server Configuration above that are changed inside init/parameters.lisp can also be managed via an XML file, init/systemParameters.xml.

The structure of that XML file is given by init/systemParameter.xsd.

System parameters are defined using the param tag; the name sub-tag has an equiv attribute that ties the parameter back to the SubL parameter name used in init/parameters.lisp.


Upon Server launch time, any values configured in init/systemParameters.xml file are used to overwrite the respective values in init/parameters.lisp.

Capturing Current Configuration

Use the API method (GENERATE-SYSTEM-PARAMETER-XML-FILE xml-file) to generate an XML file that captures the current setting of the system parameters.

For exampe, the file init/systemParameters.xml was generated using the following SubL expression: (GENERATE-SYSTEM-PARAMETER-XML-FILE “init/systemParameters.xml”).

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