Editing an Assertion

Now lets suppose that #$Doctor-Medical was not the right collection for your constant. Lets change it to #$Zoologist.

Display your assertion and then click on [Edit]. Like [Assert Similar], this displays the assertion in an editable field. The difference is that whatever new assertion you enter will replace the existing assertion. Edit "#$Doctor-Medical" to "#$Zoologist" and click "Assert". Once again, the system will display a page confirming that the resulting operations have been queued.

If you go back to the assertion page and force it to reload, you will see an interesting result - the system will display an error page, informing you that there is no such assertion in the KB. This is because the original assertion was removed and the new assertion was added. Go back to the page displaying your constant and reload it; you should see that your constant is now an instance of #$Zoologist.

If you examine your local transcript again, you will find three new operations at the end of the file: an FI-UNASSERT, an FI-ASSERT, and an FI-TIMESTAMP-ASSERTION: