The Cyc Main Menu

The Cyc Main Menu gives access to the major facilities provided by the CYC® Web Interface. Your menu should display some subset of the following links, as not every link is present in every version of Cyc:


Cyc Main Menu

  • Add to Lexicon
  • Browser Setup
  • Cyc Documentation
  • Cyc Navigator
  • Hierarchy Browser
  • KB Browser
  • Information Retrieval Prototype
  • Thesaurus Manager
  • User Login
  • Word-Net-Cyc Linking Tool

Here's a brief summary of the facilities:


Add to Lexicon

Add new words to the Cyc lexicon via WALES, the lexical entry interface.

Browser Setup

Optimizes interface options based on your browser's capabilities.

Cyc Documentation

A link to the top-level table of contents for the Cyc HTML documentation.

Cyc Navigator

A page with direct links to many of the Cyc Web Interface facilities.

Hierarchy Browser

Graph of hierarchies in the KB as indented-text tree-structures.


KB Browser

Display constants and the assertions in which they are involved, edit assertions, and examine the justifications for assertions.


WordNet-Cyc Linking Tool

Interface for aligning Cyc concepts with WordNet synsets (not yet documented).


User Login

Lets you login to a particular Cyc Server Machine.