Creating a New Constant

In the top frame click on "Tools" to get to the "Create" tool. [Create] may be used to create a new Cyc® constant. When you click [Create], it prompts for a name for the new constant. When you click the "Create Constant" button, it queues two operations: one which calls FI-CREATE to make the constant and one which calls FI-TIMESTAMP-CONSTANT, adding the appropriate #$myCreator and#$myCreationTime assertions.

If the name you choose for the new constant is already in the KB or if it violates the naming conventions for Cyc constants, the interface will display a page describing the error and will not queue the operations.

Try creating a new constant and then examine your local transcript file again. If the new constant was named "Jabberwock", the cyclist logged in was #$Natasha, and the Cyc server was "cyc-server", then the operations would look something like this:


     ((:HP "Natasha" 201285) "cyc-server" 19960315 
       (FI-CREATE '"Jabberwock" 128728))

     ((:HP "Natasha" 201285) "cyc-server" 19960315 
       '(:HP "Natasha" 201285) '19960314))