Common Lisp Object System

CLtL2 Reference 

macro DEFPOLYMORPHIC : (name lambda-list &body body)
Defines a new polymorphic function that dispatches on the type of its first argument. <body> defines a default method. The function define-method can be used to define additional methods. For example:


(defpolymorphic test (a b)
(list a b))


(define-method test ((a cons) b)
(cons b a))


(define-method test ((a fixnum) b)
(+ a b))


The defpolymorphic form defines the function TEST with a default method.
The two define-method forms specialize the behavior of TEST for lists and fixnums.


(test 'foo 'bar) => (FOO BAR)
(test '(foo) 'bar) => (BAR FOO)
(test 2 3) => 5 

macro DEFINE-METHOD : (name lambda-list &body body)
Defines a method for the polymorphic function <name> that runs if
<dispatch-arg> is of type <type>. The lambda list must have the same
structure as in the DEFPOLYMORPHIC call.