Comments about Constants

Now we'll examine the assertion about #$TeethCleaning which uses the #$comment predicate.

Since #$comment is a binary predicate, assertions involving it are displayed in frame:slot:value notation and we would typically refer to this assertion as "the entry on #$comment for #$TeethCleaning". This is conveniently terse, but it is important to remember that this is just shorthand. We want to find ?X such that:


     (#$comment #$TeethCleaning ?X)

Locate the predicate #$comment in the Documentation section. Find the string underneath the predicate.

The entry corresponding to the predicate #$comment on #$TeethCleaning should be:

"A collection of events. In each TeethCleaning event, an animal's teeth are cleaned. In order to distinguish, e.g., professional teeth cleaning by a dental technician from daily personal care, different microtheories are used..."