Changing the Index Argument

Now let's change the Index Argument from 2 to 1. Click on the "1" below "Index Argument" on the Hierarchy Browser page.

When we graph along the predicate P with Index Argument = 1, and constant Y is below X and at one more level of indentation, then:


     (P Y X)

Click the "Display Hierarchy" button and the Hierarchy Browser will generate a graph starting at #$Reptile and going "up" the #$genls structure, showing the collections which are supersets of #$Reptile, instead of the subsets we displayed when Index Argument = 2.

A similar graph (but oriented towards the left instead of the right) can be generated by setting the "Max Height" field to 4, the "Max depth:" field to "NONE", and leaving the Index Argument as 2.