Assertions that Involve Binary Predicates

Assertions using binary predicates, such as those in the Definitional Info section, are presented in a frame:slot:value notation. In old versions of Cyc®, this reflected the underlying data structure. Today, this notation is preserved for readability and compactness.

In Definitional Info are several examples of frame:slot:value notation used for assertions using binary predicates. One binary predicate is #$genlsand it is displayed like this:




The line above represents two assertions, each having #$genls as the predicate, #$TeethCleaning as the first argument and one of the two collections listed as the second argument. For example, this is the way the first of the two assertions listed would appear if it were written out in prefix notation:

 (#$genls #$TeethCleaning #$DentalCareEvent)

The round symbols are another clickable link. They represent the assertion they precede. If you click on one of the symbols, the browser displays a new page giving detailed information about the assertion. The color and shape of the symbol also is meaningful. For more on interpreting Cyc symbols see the key for icons in the browser.