Current Opportunities

Artificial Intelligence Programmer

Artificial Intelligence Programmer

Cyc is the world’s largest AI program, with millions of rules written in full first order logic and beyond (meta- and meta-meta- reasoning, reflection, modals, contexts, etc.). Our inference engine programmers are continually experimenting with novel, clever ways to chip away at the exponents plaguing conventional theorem proving algorithms. Do you have what it takes to enter this fight? If so, come join us on the frontier! We need Junior and Senior Programmers and Architects. more ... about Artificial Intelligence Programmer

UI/UX Application Designer & Developer

Cycorp, a leading developer of AI applications and knowledge- based development  technologies, is seeking a full-time User Interface/User Experience Application Developer/Designer to lead the design and implementation of interfaces for its products. The successful candidate will demonstrate technical expertise, good analytical and problem-solving abilities, and will have proficiency in HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript development, and will be comfortable working in an open, collaborative environment. Comfort in both UI design and development roles a plus. more ... about UI/UX Application Designer & Developer

Senior Ontologist

This position requires demonstrated experience in practical automated logical or statistical inference, probabilistic reasoning, machine learning (including reinforcement learning, rule induction, and inductive logic programming), and corpus-based methods. We are also interested in talking to people with experience in machine learning for natural language production and understanding, and a strong interest in applying that experience within a logic based framework. more ... about Senior Ontologist