April 27, 2015

Media Coverage


Publication Date Media Publication
Wed, 09/09/2009 Project Boosts Data Growth
Mon, 08/18/2008 OpenCyc Brings Meaning to the Web
Sun, 11/12/2006 Entrepreneurs See a Web Guided by Common Sense
Sat, 04/23/2005 Whatever happened to machines that think?
Fri, 04/15/2005 The word: Common sense
Mon, 08/11/2003 Why A.I. Is Brain-Dead
Mon, 07/28/2003 A veritable cognitive mind
Tue, 05/13/2003 AI Founder Blasts Modern Research
Sun, 06/09/2002 Computer boffins pop AI’s $60m question
Fri, 06/07/2002 Computer to Save World?
Mon, 04/08/2002 Computerizing Common Sense
Mon, 04/08/2002 Cyc in use
Mon, 04/01/2002 Wise Up, Dumb Machine
Fri, 03/01/2002 A.I. Reboots
Sat, 09/01/2001 The Know-It-All Machine
Tue, 03/06/2001 OpenCyc Advances Starting Line for Intelligent Software – Press Release
Sat, 09/01/1990 Cyc: A Midterm Report


Publication Date Media Publication
Fri, 01/05/2007 Web Thinks
Wed, 02/01/2006 Viking Youth Power Hour: Artificial Intelligence With Ken Gumbs
Wed, 01/01/1997 Happy Birthday, Hal