April 27, 2015

Senior Ontologist

This position requires demonstrated experience in practical automated logical or statistical inference, probabilistic reasoning, machine learning (including reinforcement learning, rule induction, and inductive logic programming), and corpus-based methods. We are also interested in talking to people with experience in machine learning for natural language production and understanding, and a strong interest in applying that experience within a logic based framework. Strong proficiency in understanding and manipulating representations based on predicate calculus and propositional logic, and proficiency in the analysis and design of algorithms is also expected. Practical programming experience (we use mostly Java, Lisp and the CycL logical language) is a strong advantage, as is demonstrated experience in communicating technical ideas, for example via publications, grant writing, dissertation writing or teaching. While an advanced degree is not a formal requirement for employment at Cycorp, a typical successful applicant will hold a Ph.D., or exhibit a comparable level of expertise through education, work experience and publications.

Status: Active
Location: Austin, TX, USA
Position Type: Full-time

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