April 27, 2015

Artificial Intelligence Programmer

Cyc is the world’s largest AI program, with millions of rules written in full first order logic and beyond (meta- and meta-meta- reasoning, reflection, modals, contexts, etc.). Our inference engine programmers are continually experimenting with novel, clever ways to chip away at the exponents plaguing conventional theorem proving algorithms. Do you have what it takes to enter this fight? If so, come join us on the frontier! We need Junior and Senior Programmers and Architects.

Required skills:

  • Java or Lisp programming
  • Fluency with first-order logic
  • Talent for and enjoyment of clever algorithm design
  • AI background and interest
  • Not afraid to dig into and operate on a complex software system
  • Either software productization experience or else a sense of humor

Additional pluses would be familiarity with other inference engines, higher order logic, databases, machine learning, natural language processing, probability and probabilistic reasoning.

Status: Active
Location: Austin, TX, USA
Position Type: Full-time

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