April 27, 2015

About Cyc

Kbase ThingCycorp is the Home of Smarter Solutions

Cycorp is a leading provider of semantic technologies that bring a new level of intelligence and common sense reasoning to a wide variety of software applications. The Cyc software combines an unparalleled common sense ontology and knowledge base with a powerful reasoning engine and natural language interfaces to enable the development of novel knowledge-intensive applications.

Cyc is a knowledge modeling and machine reasoning environment capable of addressing the most challenging problems in industry, government, and academia.  The result of three decades of R&D and commercial and government applications, Cyc provides an unparalleled knowledge modeling language, a vast and broad-reaching library of formally represented knowledge, and a powerful, efficient, and extensible inference engine to answer questions, draw conclusions, and solve problems.

Cycorp has teamed with industry leaders in areas including healthcare, pharmaceutics, finance, energy, semiconductor manufacturing, and information technology, as well as with government agencies spanning defense, medicine, intelligence, and education, to develop and deploy knowledge-based solutions.   While these applications cover a broad range of functionality – from answering questions for medical researchers, to identifying dangerous scenarios in production environments, to optimizing workflows, to efficient resource utilization, to intelligent decision support – they each captured the expertise of domain or process specialists and enables the automation of tasks that previously required (often scarce or expensive) human experts.  Cyc’s knowledge management tools, combined with its expressive knowledge modeling language and the existing Cyc knowledge base, make the acquisition and subsequent upkeep of the required domain or application knowledge far more feasible than it would be if developed via more conventional means.