Trusted. Transparent.
Actually Intelligent.

Cyc is a revolutionary AI platform with human reasoning, knowledge and logic at enterprise scale

Meet Cyc

Cyc is knowledge representation and reasoning software unlike anything you’ve seen before.
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Cyc is AI Software

Built with hundreds of millions of dollars over three decades, Cyc is a proven, scalable enterprise platform with applications or custom solutions that complement existing AI and database technology assets.

Unlike Any Other AI

Cyc reasons deeply with logic and provides transparent output in step-by-step natural language to solve problems other AI can’t touch.

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Which is Why We’re Trusted

More than half of the largest 15 companies in the world AND their employees have relied on Cyc as well as hundreds of successful Commercial, Defense and Intelligence clients spanning three decades.

"Cyc helped make our vision of personalization and expert recommendations a reality. Cyc is not just answering 'What,' it's answering 'Why.'"
Jeriad Zoghby - Global Personalization Lead - Accenture Interactive

The Cyc Solution

Cyc is a differentiated, mature, and enterprise-proven knowledge representation and reasoning platform that accelerates digitization across a company’s value chain through it’s unique three-part enterprise architecture.


Unlike other AIs, Cyc understands (and represents fully) real-world contextual nuance like time, geography, culture, emotions, beliefs and bias thanks to its ever-growing common-sense and domain-specific Knowledge Base. Built over the course of 30+ years, Cyc’s Knowledge Base is the broadest, deepest, most complete AI tool ever developed.

The Cyc Inference Engine

Cyc delivers human-like logical reasoning with machine discipline, speed and scalability with thousands of inference engines that help it to efficiently reason hundreds, and even thousands, of steps deep to understand the “why” of a problem rather than just the “what.”

Intelligent Data Selection

Cyc complements its own knowledge by proactively accessing the data it needs to solve problems, wherever that data exists with no additional prepping, cleansing, normalizing or transformations required.

Actionable Output

Cyc’s natural language understanding and knowledge modeling capabilities can augment understanding of the content of text documents and proactively identify items of interest to specific consumers. Cyc delivers clear, unbiased solutions to problems when and where they’re needed, with the step-by-step transparency necessary to earn decision-makers’ trust.

Cyc Architecture

Cyc’s powerful engine is built to easily integrate with your data and applications in their current environment using our pre-built applications and development toolkit.